Cluster map platform

Quickly & economically create an interactive, data-rich website showcasing innovation and growth in your city, region or business sector. Benefits include:

  • Drive inward investment, boost community networking & enhance data for policy makers
  • Choose the graphic style, menus and information to suit your project
  • A new platform can be up and running in as little as two weeks from commissioning
  • Trends report can include total number of companies, total revenue, total employment, growth rates & company formation rates
  • Zoomable map view can show the location of every company in your dataset
  • Visualisations can show revenue, sector and number of employees for every company
  • Company profiles can show description, revenue, employment, board members, Twitter feed, website, LinkedIn connections and more
  • Directory of companies provides the raw data, rankable by any factor including growth rate
  • Compatible with all mainstream mobile, tablets and desktop browsers
  • Bespoke datasets and functionality can be added to suit the unique requirements of each project

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Consulting & analysis services

Put Trampoline’s unparalleled analytic expertise and data-crunching technology at the service of your project. Many of our projects involve complex analyses that combine and cross-reference data from different sources, including:

  • Corporate data (revenue, employment, sectors, directors, etc)
  • Administrative boundary data (states, constituencies, wards, etc)
  • Population data
  • Social network data (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Investment data (Angel List, Crunchbase, etc)
  • Geo-location data (Foursquare, Twitter, etc)
  • Transport data (public transit, road usage, air travel, etc)

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SONAR data processing technology

Trampoline has developed its proprietary SONAR technology platform to import huge quantities of business data from multiple sources, run complex analyses then output easy-to-understand reports and visualisations. For the technically-minded the SONAR architecture includes the following class-leading components:

  • Web app client framework: ClojureScript + Om + React
  • API server : Clojure + Compojure
  • Data integration: Cascalog
  • Analytic query engine: Elasticsearch
  • Geographical data processing: PostGIS
  • Distributed batch processing: Hadoop
  • Core database: PostgreSQL + Cassandra

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Trampoline Systems is an internationally recognised data analysis specialist using innovative techniques to generate insight into startup clusters and patterns of business growth. The company’s founders Charles Armstrong and Craig McMillan graduated in social science and computer science respectively from St John’s College Cambridge.

Our analytic projects have been featured by the BBC, Wired Magazine, the Financial Times, Der Spiegel, Dow Jones, Techcrunch, Boing Boing and the Daily Telegraph amongst others. We were honoured to be selected as one of IDC’s top 10 global innovators in business software in 2009, a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2010 and Cambridge University Computer Lab’s Company of the Year in 2012. Our customers include McKinsey, RBS and Cap Gemini.

In 2009 Trampoline became the world’s first company to raise finance through equity crowdfunding.

Charles Armstrong is one of the formative entrepreneurs behind London’s emergence as a global focal point for digital innovation. Alongside his work with Trampoline Systems pioneering data-driven approaches to cluster development Charles also founded The Trampery, London’s premier network of working environments for innovators in technology and the creative industries. He also founded One Click Orgs which in October 2012 launched the world’s first entirely electronic legal structure in partnership with Co-operatives UK and NESTA.

Charles studied Social and Political Sciences at St John’s College, Cambridge and went on to be mentored by Lord Young of Dartington, one of the architects of Britain’s post-war society. He spent a year living in the Isles of Scilly and two years on the island of Stromboli researching collaborative behaviour in small communities. He contributed the chapter on Emergent Democracy to O'Reilly’s 2010 book "Open Government". He advised the UK Government on the development of the “Tech City” cluster and advises several corporations on innovation strategy. He lives on the banks of the River Lea in the Hackney Wick neighbourhood of East London.

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Craig is an experienced software architect specialising in large-scale data analysis and the design of systems for concurrent processing of multiple data feeds in real time. His first job after graduating with the coveted Diploma in Computer Science from St John’s College, Cambridge was writing an automated data-driven publishing system for the oil industry. He went on to work with cryptography specialist JCP Systems then as an architect with Sun Microsystems.

Prior to founding Trampoline Systems, Craig spent two years living on an island off the coast of Norway. He now lives in an Edwardian mansion on the South Downs of Sussex.

We were one of the first technology businesses to set up shop in the Shoreditch neighbourhood of East London and that’s still our home:

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